Concrete Waterproofing | Foundation Waterproofing 

Serving Seattle Washington and the greater Northwest, PCS Coatings Inc. is pleased to offer professional consulting, supply and certified applicator service with 15 year warranties; shared with applicator/Manufacturer.
Every below grade foundation needs to be waterproofed, positive side. Applying a waterproof membrane on the exterior of a foundation turns the interior into a dry basement; especially when you have us apply our topical vapor barrier coating system on the floor (slab on grade) which enhances the indoor air supply, long term.
We provide you with a long-term solution that is seamless and thick. Thick Urethane, able to bridge cracks and designed for below grade waterproofing, long term. Then a drainmat is installed to protect the membrane and help water flow to the drainage system, whether it is a gravity system or pump.
The basement living area stays dry and free of water and mold. Without foundation waterproofing, water can seep through a foundation wall or through a cracks in the foundation. For decades foundations were only damp proofed, which only is designed to resist water. Because of the composition and lack of quality solids, it is dissolved over time and water can still saturate the walls. Also, damp proofing cannot bridge cracks in a foundation. We use superior products and warrantee our applications from 5-15 year

Basement Waterproofing | Slab on Grade Waterproofing 

The technology for slabs on grade has mostly been below slab “vapor barriers” of all kinds and thicknesses, but the challenge with them is that they always fail, either from puncture; wrong installation; gaps in the seams; even the welded together PVC systems are susceptible to puncture, cracks, vermin chewing through it, etc. You then have trapped water under the slab that cannot go anywhere but up.
This increases the hydrostatic pressure that comes through the slab as vapor drive, pushing up the salts, alkalinity, efflorescence, lime, PH, etc. These caustics eat away the bondline of the sealers, mastics, and epoxy floor systems; causing failed flooring systems and sick building syndrome (SBS; that is mold spores released in the air causing nausea and headaches to the inhabitants).

Our goal is to reduce the liability of moisture damage, slab on grade, to the Architect, GC, and customer; and to enhance indoor air quality; long term. Our systems can be applied within 3 days of the pour. The owner has a 15 year warranty against moisture/alkalinity damage with no upper limits on the vapor drive.

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