Epoxy Floor Solutions | Concrete Waterproofing 

Serving the greater Seattle, Washington area and throughout the U.S., PCS Coatings Inc. is your independent concrete coatings supplier with a list of certified applicators. PCS Coatings Inc. offers professional consulting as well, to Architects, Engineers, Property Management Consulting firms and the end user.
Our main specialty is in Topical vapor barrier, slab on grade.(PCS Topical Moisture Block) We seek to insure that floor coverings are not damaged from moisture/alkalinity; and thereby support long term indoor air quality. Located in Auburn, WA.

PCS Coatings Inc. is a nationwide concrete coating consultant/supplier/certifier and Manufacturer’s Representative with industrial coating manufacturing clients throughout the country. We have completed airport runway restoration and waterproofing without altering the coeficient of friction; food processing, industrial, safety and decorative coating projects ranging in size from a few hundred square feet to over a hundred thousand.

We specialize in the right coating for your needs, most important we guarantee your floor will not come up with moisture/alkalinity issues. Many industrial and commercial concrete floors are not protected. As a result they can suffer expensive damage from many sources. For example, unsealed concrete can absorb liquid spills, which could allow pockets of undesirable liquid to collect within the concrete. If that liquid is flammable, it could create a fire hazard. If it is hazardous, the soil and water table beneath could become contaminated.

In either scenario it creates a liability that may prove costly to the owner. A chemically resistant concrete floor coating could solve the problem, providing a barrier and stopping the contamination from occurring. An unsealed floor almost always can damage boxed goods, (trapped moisture rots the cardboard) the moisture coming from the concrete rusts the metal racks and tools, etc.

Chemical Resistant Coating | Vapor Control 

Decorative epoxy flooring systems have a proven record of beauty and longevity spanning several decades, if they have a proper vapor barrier coating underneath on the slab. Epoxy Coatings have become increasingly popular in the areas of high-performance industrial work spaces because of their durability and ease of maintenance. They fail due to the caustics eating away at the bondline of the system used.

It is very durable on the top side, yet weak and vulnerable on the underside to the caustics that are in concrete, forced up from vapor drive. (PH; efflorescence; lime; Alkalinity; Salts) Safety markings, Glow in the Dark Striping and Non-Slip additive can be incorporated into your coating project to create a safe working environment, for a lifetime.

When you work with us expect choice of manufacturer, product, style and color. Whether you need Epoxy Floor Coatings, Industrial High Performance Floor Coatings, Chemical Resistant Coatings, Traffic or Safety Coatings we can provide consultation, materials and application of a few industrial square feet or 500,000, our team offers options to insure safety at your facility.
We offer extremely competitive pricing on floor coatings; many times offering a wearing surface with or without non-slid that comes with a 15 year warranty against delamination, due to vapor drive, with no upper limits.

Call today for more information or to tell us about your concrete floor coating needs.