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Seattle Vapor Control | Concrete Coating and Sealant Tukwila

Welcome to PCS Coatings Inc. based in Seattle, WA

built-green-seattle-wa-concreteHave you been noticing rotting cardboard, rusty tools or a musty smell? These are sure signs of moisture damage caused by vapor drive. PCS Coatings Inc. specializes in residential and industrial preventive waterproofing/water damage.

Our mission is to prevent biological growth indoors that may adversely affect indoor air quality as well as the excessive costs of restoring through our environmentally-acceptable moisture control systems. We have coatings designed for wood sub-floor coatings, to protect against moisture (with anti-microbial growth), insect penetration and heat resistance.

concreate-coatings-warrantyOur products will not promote biological growth and can be applied indoors or outdoors without any concern for odors or undesirable chemicals. Over 20 years of successful applications as PCS Coatings Inc.; 38 years of applications and offering a 15 year warranty for the PCS Topical Moisture Block system, with no upper limits on moisture vapor drive.

Concrete Waterproofing * Sealant Solutions * Concrete Coating Products

PCS Coatings Inc. has been applying Eco Friendly Coating Solutions for 20 years; preventing moisture/alkalinity damage caused by vapor drive. We also specialize in vapor barrier coatings to prevent/remediate SBS (Sick Building Syndrome), Chemical Resistant coatings and coatings for Industrial Floors of all kinds.leed-concrete-coatings

*These coatings have No/Low VOC's and LEED points are available. Secondary Hazardous containment; Radon Gas Control/containment.

Our consulting services help to diagnose and recommend solutions for your moisture issues. We also provide Calcium Chloride, Moisture Vapor Emission, Core Drilling, Mold, ASR and other Testing.

Contact us today for Roof Coatings, Vapor Control, Waterproofing, Graffiti Removal and more in the Greater Seattle area.