Vapor Remediation

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Fire/water/moisture resistant subfloor; for home & commercial 

This picture shows you the lime that comes out of concrete from vapor drive and water pressure. ALL UNDERSLAB VAPOR BARRIERS FAIL; here is why–
Vapor drive is present in all concrete; changing it constantly and is a major cause in damage to floor coverings and epoxy floor failures. Also causing mold growth from trapped moisture between the concrete and flooring.
The lime, PH, efflorescence, salts and Alkalinity are all caustics that eat away the bond line of mastics, adhesives and epoxies; causing delamination.

Many assume “I have good drainage; we are at the top of a hill; There’s a vapor barrier (3mil. plastic that is punctured and causes the concrete to not cure properly); Never had a problem before”.

In the greater Seattle area, there are times we have zero rain for 2-3 weeks and other times we have rain for 3 weeks solid, the ground is more than saturate and we are floating!

It is easy to see that concrete floor coverings are a financially, critical part of the building envelope itself. If coverings are installed on an unsealed floor, then it fails unexpectedly. The cost and logistics associated and the remedy, after the fact, can be catastrophic.

Whether over concrete for vapor control to prohibit moisture damage, or wood subfloor to prohibit moisture damage; insect intrusion; and flame/heat resistance, we have you covered and protected!

When crawl spaces are constantly offering moisture damage from underneath; that compromises the structural integrity of the subfloor, we offer waterproof coatings.
When burrowing bugs and insects are always looking and making a way in; (especially termites).
When a heat source or open flame threatens the uncoated/unprotected wood; we offer flame fire resistant coatings.

When insulative qualities are desired; we offer a solution—PCS Topical Moisture Block. Successful In the industry for over 35 years; as a topical slab on grade vapor control and chemical containment coating system.

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PCS Topical Moisture Block has no VOC’s; Green points available; very chemical resistant, resists flame with no harsh fumes; can set under water! the PCS Topical Moisture Block can be roll applied, sprayed; dipped, etc. for any wood application, to resist the above challenges.
Pre-treated subfloor is available as well, for quick installation needs.

PCS Topical Moisture Block retains a Perm rating under 3lbs/1000 square feet for the life of the material applied to; with a 15 year warranty against delamination from moisture damage.

PCS Coatings offers a wide range of products from fire and flame resistant coating for floors, walls, ceiling and subfloors.

Waterproof coatings for waterproofing wood, slab on grade waterproof and concrete waterproofing.

Chemical resistant coating and coating for concrete containment; even for secondary Hazardous waste.

We also offer concrete polishing and diamond grinding.