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Concrete Roof Waterproofing 

Serving the Seattle Washington and the Northwest for over 20 years, PCS Coatings Inc. is happy to offer professional consulting; supply and certified applicators that co-warranty completed projects nationwide.

The permeability of concrete leads to the passage of water and the retention of moisture within the topside of a concrete roof, making water trap at the insulation level or above; under the rubber membrane on the roof.

If the roof is not vented adequately, water will find its way back into the building. The moisture comes from personal occupancy, as well as other sources. The roof top is an essential part of a buildings envelope; it must be water tight, and allowed to breathe.

Most people are aware that a roof needs to be waterproofed to protect the building from the elements but the humidity inside the building will cause damage as well. As the warm humid air rises, it absorbs into the concrete slab. Moisture in the slab can corrode rebar and cause structural damage. The majority of all construction roof claims are moisture related.


Vapor Control Solutions | Concrete Waterproofing

It is essential to use a breathable waterproof coating on your concrete roof top to protect your building from moisture, inside and out. Serving Seattle Washington and the remainder of the US, we offer consulting services as well as the application procedures with full warranty.

Leaks and moisture in a concrete roof is difficult to isolate, a seamless roof coating system may be your best option to add years to your concrete roof, protecting your building’s envelope while enhancing indoor air quality. Plus, the proper amount of vents to allow indoor moisture issues to escape!