Our Team

Vapor Control | Concrete Coating and Sealant 

PCS Coatings, Inc. is based in Seattle Washington, and performs vapor control in nationwide applications, and various international-(Canada, Philipines, Guam)

Pete Christensen:

As a business owner for over 31 years and in the Coatings business for over 20 years, Pete has the experience necessary to provide comprehensive project oversite from concept to completion. This includes full-service consultation, feasibility studies, cost assessments, and custom application evaluations. He has achieved national recognition as an expert in the preventative maintenance and repair of concrete.

Our team is capable of performing small to large projects national and international of concrete preparation; restoration; vapor control; under layments/coatings; and most any kind of floor covering system the customer desires, from cork to seamless vinyl as well as tile, linoleum, carpets, etc.