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The residential, industrial or commercial building owner in Tacoma or the Tacoma area knows the damp and wet winters of the Pacific Northwest. But did you know that moisture damage is the leading cause of floor covering failure? When your concrete floors are not protected with a concrete sealant, concrete coating or concrete waterproofing system, the resulting water damage to the floor covering can be extremely costly to repair.

PCS Coatings Concrete Waterproofing Products

When it comes to concrete coatings, concrete waterproofing and vapor control systems, we offer the best warranty in the industry. PCS Coatings uses the latest products and technology to reduce indoor air pollution and improve indoor air quality long term.

 Our main focus is preventative maintenance; we want to save you costly repairs that can be a result of unprotected concrete floors. Here are a few ways we can assist our Tacoma neighbors:

  • Concrete coatings and positive and negative side concrete sealants
  • Epoxy coatings and concrete restoration
  • Non-Skid safety concrete coatings and concrete overlays
  • Vapor control and topical vapor control barrier
  • Joint repair and concrete sealants

PCS Topical Vapor Barrier | Concrete Waterproofing Vapor Barrier Control System

Because of the very nature of concrete, it is always “breathing” and it will always transfer moisture vapor. If your concrete floor does not have a proper concrete waterproofing vapor control system, this moisture vapor can become trapped between the topside of the concrete and your floor covering – wood, epoxy, carpet or tile.

The caustics now present in the concrete – like lime, salts and efflorescence – can eat away adhesives and epoxies or the bond line of mastics which will cause delamination of the floor covering.

Concrete Coating | Concrete Sealants | Vapor Control

The PCS Topical Moisture Block system is a vapor barrier concrete sealant designed for negative side concrete waterproofing. And, it can be used as a wearing surface. It can be applied:

  • On green concrete
  • On Slab on grade as a curing agent
  • On cured concrete after the building is occupied

A vapor control system such as PCS Topical Moisture Block can significantly reduce the liability for SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) which is caused by mold spores in the carpet due to trapped moisture between the carpet and the concrete floor.

When the mold spores are released into the air, the building inhabitants can experience nausea and headaches. This can be avoided by applying the PCS Topical Moisture Block concrete sealant vapor control system to the concrete slab on grade.

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